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 A&K Review-an Open Access Journal, is an international interdisciplinary research journal on all aspects of science and technology. It provides a unique forum to place your ideas, articles of general interest, research article, commentaries, book reviews, review articles, and anything of interest to the scientific community. Articles from different branches of science and technology are promptly made available to the wide range of readers after peer review. Being an open access journal, articles are freely available online, and those interested may read online or download articles in pdf format.



Editorial Board

Executive Managing Editor

Kamel Alipoor

Department of Animal Science, Islamic Azad University

Shabestar Branch, Shabestar, Iran

E-mail: Kamel.alipoor@gmail.com

Editorial Board (A-Z)

Prof. Reinhold J. Hutz

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,


Prof. Marlene Fouad

Faculty of Health Sciences, Medicine

(Prof., Pharmacist and PhD candidate in Genetics of Cardiovascular Diseases), Ottawa


Prof. Fangxiong Shi

Department of Animal Reproduction and Breeding, College of Animal Science and Technology

Nanjing Agricultural University, Weigang 1, Nanjing


Dr. Faegheh Zaefarian

Institue of Food, Nutrition and Human Health (Poultry Nutrition)

Massey University

New Zealand

Dr. Afshar Mirzaei-Aghsaghali

Department of Animal Science, Islamic Azad University

Shabestar Branch, Shabestar


Dr. R.M.S. Bimalka K. Ranasinghe

Department of Livestock & Avian Sciences, Faculty of Livestock, Fisheries & Nutrition

Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, Makandura, Gonawila (NWP)

Sri Lanka

Dr. Ahmed Eid Abdel-Shakour Ali Kholif

National Research Centre, Food Industries and Nutrition Division

Dairy Science Department, El- Behous St., Dokii, Giza


Dr. Abdul-Lateef Molan

Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health

Massey University

New Zealand

Prof. Zhengchao Wang

Molecular and Cellular Biology, Collgege of Life Science (Qishan Campus),

Fujian Normal University

P.R. China

Dr. Abubeker Hassen

Department of Animal and Wildlife Sciences, (Ruminant Nutrition and Pasture Science)

University of Pretoria,Pretoria 0002

Republic of South Africa

Prof. Ali Kaygisiz

Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences, Department of Animal Science (Animal Genetic)

Kahramanmaras Sutcu Imam University


Dr. Veerasamy Sejian

Division of Physiology and Biochemistry, Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute

Avikanagar, via-Jaipur, Rajasthan-304501


Prof. Ayhan Ceyhan

Nigde University (Genetic), Bor Vocational School


Dr. Victor Mlambo

Department of Food Production, Faculty of Science & Agriculture

University of the West Indies

Trinidad and Tobago

Dr. Bahram Sayyaf Dezfuli

Department of Biology, University of Ferrara


Dr. Dong Moon Shin

Emory University School of Medicine, Associate Director of Academic Development

Winship Cancer Institute, Emory University

Posted: 2015-01-20
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